Juan Williams Gets Snippy With Chris Wallace

If you were Juan Williams wouldn’t you tread more carefully on Fox News Sunday considering they took him in after he was shitcanned by NPR for blasting Middle Eastern travelers on airplanes? Wouldn’t you tiptoe around Brit and Wallace and not interrupt, lash out or get all bratty?

Well, you’re not Williams. On Sunday he got snappy with host Chris Wallace after Wallace, the hall monitor, cut him off, insisting the panel had to move on to the unstoppable wisdom of Brit Hume. Williams: “The Republicans in this time of Occupy Wall Street are the protectors of the super rich.” Wallace: “I’m not sure if we should talk about Occupy Wall Street as a plus anymore,” Hall Monitor said, chuckling gravely. Juan objected. To which H.M. asked incredulously, “Really, with all the violence in the streets?” This is when Juan got agitated. “You are getting distracted. And you’re getting distracted by people who are crazy. …The fact is, when you ask most people, is Wall Street getting out of control? They say yes.” At which point Wallace interrupted Juan to scold him like a child. “Juan Juan, there’s a limit. We want to play fair here.” Juan’s angry inner child snapped, “You’re not playing fair, but go ahead.” [Insert weird, pregnant pause here followed by guffaws from other panel members.]

Wallace had the last word: “It’s called being a moderator.”

While it made for great TV, it also made us worry for Juan. Juan, you must keep your sh-t together because there are only so many times that Bill O’Reilly will swoop in and save you. We like your spunk. But interrupt Hall Monitor at your own peril.

FNC posted Panel Plus, but not the regular old panel to their website. They did allow Juan onto Panel Plus and he was full of smiles, as was Wallace. So we think no residual bad feelings are looming.