Juan Gets Snippy

Forget HBO…The best fights on television can now be found on Fox.

From yesterday’s Fox News Sunday:

    WALLACE: Juan, let me…

    WILLIAMS: Let me just say this. Squishy, impatient, you know, they’ll be in the land of milk and honey — the insurgents will be? What do you imagine, that somehow there’s — an American administration is coming in, Republican or Democrat, after President Bush that’s just going to lay down and run away like scared little…

    HUME: It will not be phrased that way, but if you listen to the — listen. Listen, Juan, it’s very simple.

    WILLIAMS: But you know what? This is really — I’ll tell you something. Sometimes I just want to scream. You guys have been going on since this thing began. I mean, you don’t give credit to people — Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Barbara Lee, people who said from the start this is a mistake. You put them down. Now it’s everybody’s a surrender monkey, or impatient, or squeamish or weak. Why can’t you say hey, there’s a real problem in Iraq?