JS-Kit and AOL Expands Ratings, Chat Widgets

After landing a partnership with AOL/Userplane last year, JS-Kit has positioned itself for even wider distribution and potential for ongoing partnerships and branding. The deal between JS-Kit and AOL has officially come to fruition this week, with AOL/Userplane now distributing the JS-Kit 5 Star Ratings widget, greatly expanding JS-Kit’s reach to another several hundred thousand partner sites. To sweeten the deal, JS-Kit 5 Star Ratings widgets have also become the de facto standard with Userplane/AOL, HaloScan, and WorldNow.

The 5 Star Rating widget seems trivial but most publishers out there know that ratings can be powerful measures for rating and recommending content within a site or an entire network. Given JS-Kit’s own network approach, recommendations based on a number of publishers’ ratings helps other publishers in turn.

On the flip side, JS-Kit will also be distributing the Userplane MiniChat widget to all of its partner sites as well. Combined, the reach for these two widget offerings extends to nearly 1 million registered publishers, but what does that mean?

JS-Kit and Userplane have made a deal to distribute each other’s products and offer them to their respective publishers through a now-expanded suite of features. Both JS-Kit and Userplane rely heavily on the distribution of their widgets for the delivery of content, organic growth for publisher and end user content, as well as advertising.

And with this particular partnership, JS-Kit is looking to offer a budget-friendly option specifically to publishers seeking an enterprise objective. In order to do that, JS-Kit had to focus its own efforts on finding a meaningful way in which to offer a robust feature set on its own. The solution was to partner with AOL, a company that’s likely to stick around for a little while longer than other startups with chat widgets similar to Userplane’s.