JS-Kit Adds Facebook Connect and YouTube Videos for Comments Platform

-JSKit Facebook Screenshot-In a move that makes perfect common sense, JS Kit has added full Facebook Connect support and YouTube videos in comments support as well. The company that offers a handful of services for site enhancement, from integrated cross-site comments to reviews and analytics, JS-Kit has had a year full of new feature implementations. As a result, JS-Kit is probably more well known for its integrated comments capabilities than most of its other services, JS-Kit is contending with the likes of Disqus for prime placement in the cross-network comments space.

While Disqus has also launched support for Facebook Connect recently, the ongoing addition of more companies like JS-Kit supporting Facebook Connect says a lot about the platform and how it can be used for a truly connected online experience. If a publisher is apprehensive or unaware of the ways in which they can add Facebook Connect directly, taking advantage of a service like JS-Kit may be in their best interest.

And given JS-Kit’s own cross-site approach to comments, both publishers and end users are only encouraged to use JS-Kit’s service as a result. In many ways, third party companies that have platforms in a certain sense are looking to Facebook’s own platforms for their expansion.

But let’s not forget that JS-Kit has also added support for YouTube videos in comments. Though it’s not the same affect of recording your own video directly from your webcam, it does add to the robustness of a multimedia approach to its comments solution. The YouTube clips will play directly in the comment thread without a reader having to leave the page.

Other new updates for JS-Kit include a new “smooth grey” skin option as well as a safe HTML option for comments. Keyword search within a comment roll has also been added, which can be an extremely important benefit for site publishers. JS-Kit already supports OpenID, and will be adding support for more standards in the near future.