jQuery Mobile Alpha 1 for Building Web Based Apps

When the first app-less iPhone was released, Steve Jobs and Apple tried to convince everyone that web-based apps was sufficient for everyone’s mobile needs. This never quite took off and native apps for the iPhone and other smartphones have become the norm.

This doesn’t mean that mobile friendly web based apps is a bad idea, however. People interested in developing mobile friendly web apps for smartphones and tablets should take a look at the jQuery’s early stage release of a mobile version of their web framework.

jQuery Mobile Alpha 1 Released

jQuery Mobile abstracts the “hard parts” of web app development letting the developer concentrate more on the underlying function instead of the apps form (web view). Note that this an Alpha-release. So, there’s bound to be bugs and it is probably not feature-complete. But, a quick look at it on my iPad indicates that the project is off to a good start and should be a mobile web developer mainstay by the time it reaches its production release stage.