Jozen Cummings on How He Became the NY Post‘s Dating Reporter

It’s safe to say Jozen Cummings never imagined he’d become a professional matchmaker of sorts. The former arts and entertainment writer is now a dating reporter for The New York Post‘s Meet Market column, where he sets up singles on blind dates in New York City.

In the latest installment of Mediabistro’s So What Do You Do?, Cummings discusses what it’s like setting up blind dates for strangers, the accidental success of his blog and how he scored his dream job:

Your background is in arts and entertainment, so how did you end up a dating reporter?
It was the first job that I ever got where I went in not knowing anyone. But when I saw the opening for Meet Market, I said “This is the job for me. This is the job I want.” I know that people know about my blog, but I never use it as a way to sell myself or my qualifications. I still feel strongly about this: you want a professional job, you’ve got to show the most professional work that you possibly can. So none of my clips were dating-related or anything like that. But I knew that it would help to show that I care a lot about this topic of dating, so I did send a link to my blog. Kind of like a bowtie.

To hear more about his writing process and how he cultivated an audience for his blog, read: So What Do You Do, Jozen Cummings, Blogger And Dating Columnist For The New York Post?

— Aneya Fernando