Journos: Want a Cool, Dirt Cheap Gift for Dad?

Looking for an unusual and dirt cheap Father’s Day gift?

Jake McGuire, an accomplished Washington photographer, may have the answer to your Father’s Day shopping woes. He’s giving away a minimum of 500 free copies of his most popular photograph, “Marine One” so Washingtonians can give their fathers what he considers to be a dramatic gift. “The economy is slow and most people can’t spend much money,” says McGuire, “so I thought I’d share the one photo that most dads go ‘wow’ over.”

The details on this contest sound easy. The fine print involves little more than clicking the “like” button on Facebook. If you work in a Congressional office and have to deal with a gift ban, a $10 donation is perfectly acceptable.

The photo, a straight-on view of the Presidential Helicopter flying down the National Mall. The print is a $40 value. He thinks the photo is particularly dynamic because the heat from the turbine engines of the Sikorski helicopter creates the mirage effect on the Capitol Dome. The photo has been “wildly popular” with White House and Capitol Hill staffers, lobbyists, Secret Service agents, DC interns, aviators and those who love great pictures of our Nation’s Capital.

Find out how to get a free copy for the June 17th holiday here.