Journos’ Picks for Restaurant Week

It’s Restaurant Week in DC so we checked in with a few DC media-types for their picks of favorite local restaurants and dishes…

CBS’ Steve Chaggaris: The Parthenon in Chevy Chase DC. It took me years to find authentic Greek food in this town that tastes as good as homemade- and aside from the Greek Deli downtown (lunch only), this is the only place that makes the cut for me. We even had our wedding rehearsal dinner there last year. Yeah, it’s not fancy, but I don’t care about fancy. Just serve me good food.

Fave dish? The baked lamb with orzo, which is considered a “dinner special,” although it’s always available every time I’ve ever eaten there. Also, you can’t go wrong with the dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) or pastitsio entrees either.

Meet the Press’ Betsy Fischer: Favorite Restaurant is Blue Duck Tavern… why? To put in Zagat speak, I give it a 30 rating on Food, Decor and Service.

Fave dish? Blue Cheese Grits- worth every sinful bite.

Washington Whispers’ Paul Bedard: Clyde’s Georgetown. Why? It’s one of those rare D.C. restaurants where you can actually hear your guest and it’s so far from downtown that I don’t have to worry about FishbowlDC snoops seeing who my lunch time sources are.

Fave dish? Why the cheeseburger of course. It’s the city’s best, always cooked perfectly and on that magnificent Martin’s roll.

Politico’s Anne Schroeder Mullins: Right now I’m into Dino in Cleveland Park. It’s near my hood and is always outstanding.

Fave dish? Mussels and Clams Linguine.

NBC’s Luke Russert: Chef Geoffs because the service is quick, the food outstanding and you always run into somebody you know and find interesting.

Fave dish? Grilled Hanger Steak medium well served over broccoli, mushrooms, crispy potatoes, hold the blue cheese butter. Wash that down with a Paulaner super mug and you’ll have a great night.

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