Journopalooza III is Upon Us

The hunt is on again – for musically talented journo types (or those who can fake it well enough). This year’s Journopalooza will be here before we know it. It’s Friday, January 21, 2011.

The rules: “As an equal-opportunity musical showcase, Journopalooza does not discriminate against non-rockers, only against non-journalists. We welcome submissions from solo artists, rappers, or bands playing funk, crunk, country, hiphop, habanera, bluegrass, zydeco, reggaeton, jazz, blues, pop, or any variety of fusion. The only rule: All acts must have at least 50% of their members working in (or laid off from) the professional media industry.”

The lineup will be revealed in December. Proceeds go to Reporters Without Borders, The Committee to Protect Journalists/Protection Fund, and the Eric J. Friedheim National Journalism Library.

Q: The hosts want to know. Should it be a battle of the bands or more like a talent show? Let us know what you think at or Your comments are anonymous unless otherwise specified.

Find out where to send your demos after the jump…

Requirements: Bands, duos, and solo acts hoping to play the show should send an audio or video sample of their best work to Journopalooza c/o National Press Club 529 14th St. NW 13th Floor, Washington, DC. Include a brief outline of your band’s media credentials and email addresses for all members. Submissions must be postmarked no later than December 1.