Journolist to Shut Down: ‘It’s Done’ Says Founder Ezra Klein

Journolist, the clubby listserv for liberal journos created by WaPo‘s Ezra Klein , is shuttering its cyberspace doors. The news was first alerted to us by Yahoo! News’s Michael Calderone, who said over Twitter, “I hear that @ezraklein is shutting down Journolist.” Just moments ago, Klein posted on it. He says simply, “Journolist is done.” He also mentions the irony of The Daily Caller’s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson recently asking to join and him turning him down. The Daily Caller published a story this morning exposing more of Weigel’s anti-conservative thoughts after FishbowlDC revealed e-mails of this nature Wednesday.

An excerpt
There’s a lot of faux-intimacy on the Web. Readers like that intimacy, or at least some of them do. But it’s dangerous. A newspaper column is public, and writers treat it as such. So too is a blog. But Twitter? It’s public, but it feels, somehow, looser, safer. Facebook is less public than Twitter, and feels even more intimate. A private e-mail list is not public, but it is electronically archived text, and it is protected only by a password field and the good will of the members. It’s easy to talk as if it’s private without considering the possibility, unlikely as it is, that it will one day become public.