Journolist Still Alive, Says Anonymous Blogger

Some  blogger, presumably in some basement somewhere, still isn’t over Journolist, the exclusive e-mail listserv founded by WaPo columnist and FishbowlDC enthusiast Ezra Klein, which got a lot of journalists in some hot water. Turns out people say stupid things over e-mail that they’d never say in real life.

Shortly after its discovery, Klein announced that the listserv was shutting down, but the blogger (posting under the name “Redbaiter”) isn’t buying it. His evidence: Pundits said that POTUS’ State of the Union address was “Reaganesque,” which the blogger says is “just a typical left wing propaganda lie.” Though unexplained, this means that the listserv still exists.

The blogger then lists 157 alleged members of the listserv. Two of those he names aren’t happy. In the comments section, Matt Steinglass of Deutsche Presse-Agentur tells the blogger he was never part of Journolist, and that he should take down the names “until you can do some due diligence and figure out who was on Journolist and who wasn’t.”

Media Matters‘ Eric Boehlert wasn’t as polite. He tweeted Sunday: “Some RW idiot thinks I was on journalist. Guess fact-checking conspiracy theories is too much to ask.”