Journo Struck by Car

Timothy Wong, a designer for the Washington Business Journal, was hit by a car last night at approximately 11:30 p.m. in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington. After the driver struck him, he rolled across the windshield. The car sped off without so much as a “Are you okay?” from the driver.

“I’m fine now, it was just kind of jolting,” Wong told FishbowlDC in a phone interview this morning. “I don’t even know how it happened.”

Wong, who hardly ever drinks alchohol, said he was not drinking last night. He was returning from a night in Chinatown when the car unexpectedly came at him. “I walking home trying to avoid the crowds,” he said. “I was walking along H street and I don’t know if this person was pulling out from an alleyway or a garage. They whipped around and were trying to make a right turn and didn’t notice me.”

Luckily, Wong didn’t stand still. In what may someday help him land an action-packed Hollywood movie roll, his reflexes were supernaturally fast. “I ended up jumping up and rolling over the car,” he said. “It actually hit me. I went into the windshield and over the vehicle. It was really crazy. I don’t know if the rolling kept me form geting hurt.”

Even so, the initial aftermath wasn’t so pretty. Before the driver, whom he thinks was female, sped off, he noticed cracks in the windshield from where he landed. “I was initially dizzy,” Wong said. “I remember feeling disoriented. I think [the driver] stopped for a second, long enough to tell that I screwed up the windshield. Then they kind of just drove away. I think they were freaked out.”

Wong, who has no bruises or residual soreness from the incident, said he is relieved that he did not drink any alcoholic beverages last night. “I don’t really drink that much at all,” he said. “I dont know if my reaction time would have been impaired or if something bad would have happened. I luckily did the right thing. Not that there’s a right way to be hit by a car.”