Journo Portfolio Lets You Customize Your Online Portfolio

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.20.58 PMIf you’re a WordPress whiz in the office but don’t yet have an online portfolio for your journalistic work, check out Journo Portfolio.

The UK-based digital portfolio platform was built and designed with writers and journalists in mind, and serves as a good alternative to similar offerings, like, Pressfolios, Contently and Muck Rack.

Additionally, Journo Portfolio creators allow users to choose from several themes (this is my favorite feature; I have a Pressfolios site and sometimes wish I could make it more “me,” which is why I opted for a WordPress site with my own domain). Another unique Journo Portfolio attribute is the ability to post blog pieces directly from your dashboard, so if you want your portfolio to serve as a showcase for past work and function as a personal blog, this platform might be the ideal option.

Your dashboard displays the number of portfolio and individual item views per month, and most critically, Journo Portfolio lets you upload multiple types of media, such as videos, photos and PDFs of your published work for an optimal viewing experience. (It looks great on mobile devices as well.)

The free service gets you a website, but a few bucks per month will purchase you a distinct domain.

Check out Journo Portfolio here, and let us know how you think it compares to the most popular digital journalism portfolio services out there!