Journo Perks: Threading and Bikini Wax

Hopefully this isn’t as painful as it sounds.

Shobha, hailed as Manhattan’s “best brow & bikini wax salon,” has arrived in Washington. Signature hair removal services include waxing, threading, trimming and sugaring.

Not only did they give us a coupon for a free threading and bikini wax, but they said we could give them the emails of five of our friends who will also receive a gift. (FBDC’s Peter Ogburn is first on my list, Commentary‘s John Podhoretz is second. See him in a pool after the jump…) Ogburn had better appreciate this. Treatments ain’t cheap and range from $48 to $53 for a bikini wax and $55 to $84 for a full facial service that includes eyebrows, upperlip, chin, cheeks and sideburns.

The shop is located at 1730 M St. NW (17th and Connecticut). They had their opening last week. See this writeup from the Hollywood On the Potomac blog.

Rest assured… Shobha, which has received plugs from everything from Cosmo to The Tyra Banks Show, will not perform waxing on any menstruating client, they will never “double-dip” the wax with the same spatula twice, and they use pink non-latex gloves during all waxing and sugaring treatments.


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