Journo Perks: Girly Body Wash, Toothpaste

This week Raptor Strategies’ David Bass went to great lengths to get us the oddest goody bag we’ve ever received. (The delivery guy was running all over my neighborhood in the cold searching for the right address). Not that we’re not grateful, just surprised.

Of course it’s all for a good cause, all the weirdest things are. The Natural Products Assoc. is sponsoring Girls on the Run, a DC 5K on Dec. 2 in Anacostia Park. The event encourages girls in third through eighth grade to “lead joyful, health and confident lives, using a fun, experience-based curriculum, which creatively integrates running.”

Contents of the bag include Girls on the Run bubble bath (pink and sparkly, naturally), Coral White Tea Tree toothpaste (formulated with Above Sea Coral), Burt’s Bee’s Cocoa and Cupuacu butter (don’t ask), nail files that look like matches, a one-week free coupon to City Fitness Gym, and Generosity au de naturelle perfume that we’re afraid to smell.

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