Journo Jukebox: The Sabrina Siddqui Edition

One of the newest features in the Fishbowl is our Journo Jukebox. It’s a chance for you to get to know some of the people who cover Washington a little better. The rules are simple. We ask a subject to turn on their iPod, put it on shuffle and tell us the first 5 songs that play. The game is played using the honor system, so if a deep-cut off an old 98 Degrees album comes up, you have to tell us.

For this installment, we asked HuffPost reporter Sabrina Siddiqui (aka Sabriqui) to play along. She warned us that she had a very eclectic taste in music.

Her 5 songs cover a range of musical styles.

1. Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Ray – While the buzz around Del Ray has faded, it’s still 100 percent acceptable to have her music in your iPod.
2 – Never Forget You – Lupe Fiasco feat. John Legend – A nice mix of hip-hop mixed with the crooning of John Legend. 

3 – Flightless Bird, American Mouth – Iron & Wine – This quiet song from the primarily-acoustic outfit is the perfect breather between songs.

4 – Gotta Have It – Kanye West/Jay-Z – This track comes off “Watch the Throne,” the collaborative album between the two rappers. Of course, this was put out before Kanye fathered Kim Kardashian’s baby, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s all downhill after this song.
5 – Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison – Oh dear. This song should only be allowed at high school reunions and sporting events. To her credit, Sabriqui admitted “yes, this happened.”
Have a suggestion for someone who should play Journo Jukebox? Email me at Graphic by Austin Price.