Journo Improvises Louie Walking Tour

New York Observer staff writer Vinnie Mancuso decided it might be fun to visit some of the iconic Manhattan locations featured in Louis CK’s sitcom. However, as his slide show documents, the halo of the F/X series was – on this night at least – hard to pin down.


A man in line at the Comedy Cellar had never heard of the show. A waiter at Banjara, one of two restaurants featured in the “bang-bang” back-to-back meals Louie episode, went out of his way to deny being a witness to any location shoot. Finally, at the very end, Mancuso found a show fan at the Ukrainian diner Veselka:

My waitress was a pretty blonde with the interesting name of Karlyn. She was from New Jersey. She would probably be out of my league on a night that I only ate one dinner. But I pressed my luck, for the sake of this tour.

I asked if she ever heard of Louie. She replied, “Yeah. I love Louie!” Wait, what? What about the idea of a Louie walking tour. “Yes, definitely, that would be really cool.” Huh. How about that. Even after being inhumanely full, slightly buzzed and alone at the early hours of the morning, I managed to find one glimmer of positivity at 2 in the morning. In terms of an episode of Louie, I nailed it.

Per CK’s recent appearance on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, if Mancuso turns this walking tour into a commercial enterprise, he might want to cap it off with a real-life pier nod.

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