Journo Hate Mail: S.E. Cupp

Kirsten Powers, a Democratic FNC analyst, isn’t alone in receiving sexist tweets for being female. Blonde or not, other female journalists have also received nasty correspondence from strangers. Conservative commentator and Daily Caller columnist S.E. Cupp is among them. She has received both death and rape threats, but the FBI has requested that she not share specifics.

We asked her for comment on the last remark, an accusation of sleeping with an editor to land a job. She replied,  “Did I sleep with an editor? You can do that?! If only I’d known this sooner. As offended as I am that someone would question my integrity, I feel compelled to point out that most of my editors are raging leftists. They wouldn’t sleep with me unless they thought I was a direct descendant of Che.”

Cupp shared a sampling from her inbox and Twitter mentions:

  • @secupp were you on the cover of “My glasses make me look smart but I’m really dumb” magazine?
  • @secupp You must be a Tea Bagger’s wet dream, but only when they’re not making love to their sheep.
  • “Eat shit and die, you retarded wing-nut c*nt! Later, HC.” — Harry Carter,
  • “why is it obama fault. david lettermen comments on palin. u white slut. u need some n****r d*ck in ur mouth. Always blaming blacks for yall folks problem. U dizzle little white whore. U need to be f*ck by a n****r, thats what u reall want. SHUT YOUR MOUTH SLUT.” —
  • “Did you get this position because you were a gimmick? Young? Your parents knew someone? You slept with an editor?” Matthew Duffy