Want to Hug Amanda Hess? Think Again.

When you mess with freelancer Amanda Hess, formerly of TBD fame, this is what you might get. Her website is: sexwithamandahess.com. She often writes about sex and gender.

This is how the mess began. Hess wrote, “Hugs are awkward, falsely intimate power plays. Stop imposing them on everyone you meet.” She linked to this story that she wrote for Slate on the matter of hugs as power plays.

As one might imagine, this caused a number of followers to either virtually hug her or insult her, calling her a “socially awkward” woman. Famous last words: “Alex, if people start hugging me over this I am going to be very upset with you.” (Alex is Bloomberg BNA‘s Alex Parker, who pointed out that Hess needs a hug and that handshakes are “prolly” less hygienic than hugs.)

See what happened next…

Clarification: Hess did not say she was going to “kill” Alex Park over the whole hugging thing. She said she’d be “very upset” with him. We accidentally mistook her tweet but the previous page has been changed to reflect the truth.


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