Journo Director ‘Perplexed’ With Weigel Coverage, Calls Scribe’s Work ‘Digital Thin’

Terry Michael, Executive Director of the Washington Center for Politics & Journalism, offers commentary on coverage of Slate‘s Dave Weigel.

Subject line: Why David Weigel?

An open note to Mediabistro:
I am continually perplexed by your fascination with David Weigel.  I just don’t get it.  He has proved time and again that the resemblance between his work and journalism is digital thin, if not non-existent.  He is a shameless self-promoter, whose behavior has often been an embarrassment to himself and to those who actually engage in serious news coverage.  But I guess that may explain it, because the agenda of Media Bistro seems to be trafficking in sophomoric personal gossip rather than making any serious attempt to cover the business or craft of journalism.
–Terry Michael
Executive Director
Washington Center for Politics & Journalism

We’ve requested comment from Weigel on this letter.

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