Journo Couple Heads to Ann Arbor

About a month ago, Miles Smith, a weekend producer at WJLA, left his job. And Friday was Steve Friess’s last day with Politico Pro. The couple is relocating to Ann Arbor, where Miles (pictured at far right) will return to school and Friess will resume his freelance writing career.

We’re thinking their respective office meetings in the last year made for interesting pillow talk. As is common knowledge, Robert Allbritton sold WJLA to Sinclair Broadcast Group.

See his heartfelt memo, including the revelation that he and his partner plan on becoming fathers. Hi everyone

Today’s my final day at POLITICO. My partner, Miles, and I decided a few months ago that we wanted to leave DC and move to Ann Arbor, where he’ll go back to school and I will resume my freelance career, write some books and teach. POLITICO and I agreed I’d stay until the August recess, so I did and now it’s time to move on. We’re both very excited about what we have ahead of us including, we hope, parenthood.

So, anyhow, this is one of those notes to say thanks, keep in touch and see ya later. I’m rapidly reassembling my old array of freelance clients — The New York Times, Wired, Daily Beast, etc. — and adding some awesome new ones, too. So I’m open as always to story ideas, pitches, scoops and leaks.

One important request. If you’re a publicist, please reach me with pitches and news releases at

And with that, it was great getting to know DC and to explore a whole new avenue of coverage at POLITICO than I had handled before. So thanks for your help and have a great weekend.


Steve Friess