Journey of Moses for Facebook Is a Social Take on the Old Testament

The first Facebook title from Hexify Inc., Journey of Moses, is a a treasure-hunting adventure game based on the life of the prominent figure from the Bible’s Old Testament. With relatively few games sporting religious themes, this title has seen its usage skyrocket since launching earlier this month.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Journey of Moses currently has 64,342 monthly active users and 22,662 daily active users.

Journey of Moses is divided into levels, each with their own objectives. Early in the game, players (as Moses) are tasked with simple things, such as finding and collecting all the pieces of his royal outfit. This is achieved by clicking on floor tiles in order to reveal what’s beneath them. This action requires energy to perform and most often results in the player receiving a reward of gold, shekels and experience points. Sometimes, special items are unearthed, including the aforementioned clothing, as well as necklaces, statues, writing tools and other objects that go into collections. Gems can also be found, and these are required to “bribe” the player’s way past guards in the royal palace. Once the player has performed 100 percent of the actions possible in any given level, they can move onto the next.

Some levels, however, require that the player reach a certain experience level before accessing them. Moses engages in dialog with various characters, including his adopted mother and the Pharaoh. These interactions also reward the player with items. After gaining enough experience points, players level up and obtain upgrades to their maximum energy, energy refills and other power-ups. Should the player’s energy run out, they can eat fruit, which can either be uncovered in the levels or purchased in the shop. There’s also a sub-screen that displays Moses’ camp, where players can collect a daily gem, harvest honey, build a well and participate in other activities once per day.

Social features include sharing accomplishments and asking other players for help obtaining certain items through viral channels such as users Walls, as well as the ability to visit friends once they’ve been invited to the game. Doing this takes players to their friends’ camp screens, where they can collect a daily gem.

Journey of Moses is monetized through the purchase of several types of items using Facebook Credits. These include energy refills, tools, additional gems and even missions. Certain items can only be purchased once players reach a certain experience level. Performing most tasks in the player’s camp, such as building a well and collecting honey, also require that players obtain certain items that can only be purchased using Facebook Credits.

You can follow Journey of Moses’ progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.