They’re funny.

  • “I like them. I still like them. They just don’t like each other” — MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson, on still liking women (“The Situation”)

  • “Swarm, you know, to swarm” — Wolf Blitzer, explaining the meaning of Operation Swarmer to a confused Jack Cafferty (“Situation Room”).

  • “I’ve never seen a man who hasn’t been drinking get out of a suit faster” — Houston Chronicle’s Julie Mason, on the sheer speed with which Bush shed his suit (Washington Times)

    (Thanks to National Journal’s “Hotline” for the above three)

  • “I was so micromanaged that they were telling me how to pronounce syllables of words.” — Bob Edwards on his former employer, National Public Radio, telling Newsweek he feels liberated at XM Satellite Radio.