Journalists & the JFK Remembrance: How Times Have Changed

As journalists from Europe, Asia, Latin America and yes, our country arrived in Dallas to mark the 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy assassination, it gives us pause.

It’s one of those events that people will always remember where they were and what they were doing when they found out the president had fallen. For our older generations it’s this assassination. For slightly younger ones like your friends here at MediaJobsDaily, it was the horrific day, 9/11.

So, imagine doing your job as a journalist on the scene in a completely different world in 1963. No Twitter. No Instagram. Just you and a spiral notebook.

Per a piece in the Dallas Morning News, hundreds of journalists descended onto the scene in Dallas. A former local nurse has apparently been interviewed 43 times.

The numbers aren’t at all shocking when you consider there were more than 900 media credential requests received for the Dealey Plaza event. Laurey Peat & Associates, the agency running the anniversary commemoration, ended up granting less than 600.

The fascination is global and the gathering of reporters, photographers and cable technicians sounds astonishing but it also takes us back to how news was reported back in the day. Some journalists, perhaps those who covered it, revisited the scene like Jose Martin Samano of Azteca TV in Mexico. Per the piece, 25 years ago he reported about the fateful day.

He told the newspaper, “It’s a very important thing to me professionally to come back 25 years later. I am very positive there was a conspiracy. It’s what my mind tells me after looking at all the evidence.”