Journalists: Send Us Your Worst Pitches!

Here at PRNewser, we believe ourselves to be equal opportunity chroniclers of the public relations industry: its ups, its downs, its internal politics and its always-active revolving doors. Like everyone else who runs a blog or publication, we also get pitches–lots and lots of pitches. Some are clever and personal, some are informative but bland, some are completely irrelevant and some are just bad–like “why bother” bad.

We post on the art of the pitch with some regularity, and while we certainly wouldn’t call ourselves experts, we know how this game works because we pitch content to other media outlets all the time–it’s part of our job description. So we’d like to encourage a sort of dialogue about the state of the pitch by highlighting examples of what not to do.

On that note, we have a request for all our journalist/blogger friends to consider over the weekend: send us your worst pitches. Not the ones that you scanned and deleted or the ones that didn’t apply to the industry you cover–we mean the ones that made you cringe.

Why do we want to do this? It’s not because we’re mean people (though we may well be). We have no interest in shaming people, and we will not post the names of any individuals or their organizations. It’s mostly because, while the act of pitching isn’t quite a fine art, it is something that requires a bit of finesse–and we would love to inform the PR world on the best ways to go about it.

Also: there wouldn’t be much point in posting on the best pitches, because those are the ones that we in the media turn into “earned content.”

So have at it–send us the worst you’ve got and we’ll highlight our personal choices.