What Happens When Journalists Show Up To An Unprepared Sochi: Twitter Gold

Journalists often fall into one of two extremes: The nothing-fazes-me, I’ve-seen-everything sort, and the quick-to-complain, give-me-what-I-want-now set. It’s not often the two overlap, but this week both of those types have a reason to vent in unison.

That’s because the cadre of journalists covering this year’s winter Olympics have arrived and taken to Twitter to vent their frustration and amusement with how host-city Sochi is so unprepared for this year’s winter games. It’s the most expensive Olympics in history, and many reporters report their hotel rooms aren’t finished or are lacking essential ingredients, like running water, light bulbs or even door knobs.

If there were a medal for making us appreciate what we have, these guys would have won the gold. The following are my favorites, but the Washington Post collected many more good (or bad depending how you look at it) observations as well:

Dan Wetzel, of Yahoo Sports, joked that “Early impressions of Sochi is that everything should be ready and spectacular for the 2015 Winter Games.” He wrote at length about what he encountered when he arrived in Sochi to find an unprepared hotel and city, but he also shared this:

Sorry folks, they fixed his doorknob, so the offer’s not valid anymore. But he might be in the market to trade for some new light fixtures soon:

Reporter Stacy St. Clair of the Chicago Tribune reported some cringe-worthy water quality (and access problems) at her hotel:


It’s not just the water that’s honey-colored either, as this photo from ABC correspondent Matt Gutman shows:

And then there’s this bit of culture shock from Yahoo Puck Daddy blog editor Greg Wyshynski:


But seriously, this isn’t the only problem journalists have encountered so far in Russia, one NBC reporter disclosed how quickly and easily hackers hijacked his phone AND two computers. (H/T BusinessInsider)

Um, I’m going to stick to watching the Olympics on TV… and Twitter.