Journalists: Largely Undateable

Poor Dalton Fleming, an area journalist whose date with IT specialist Martha Fessenden (as documented in The Washington Post Magazine) went less than well.

Some of Fessenden’s comments about Fleming(which, let’s be honest, could probably be applied to most of us):

  • Martha: It was during the entree . . . that was when he started dominating the conversation. The date did seem to go on this big, gradual slide. It felt like it wasn’t a dialogue anymore. I told him I travel a lot; he never asked me where. And I wanted him to make me laugh, but that didn’t happen. Overall I was thinking, This doesn’t feel very satisfying.”

  • Martha: He got coffee. I kept looking at it, thinking, Well, now we’re going to stay here until he finishes . I said, “I’m going to have to go soon.” I think he didn’t want it to end, so he started talking more.

Still, at the end of the day, who can resist ink-stained fingers? They’re hot!

    >>UPDATE: After an interesting and “very well-written” e-mail from Dalton, Martha decided to give him another chance. They’re now planning a second date.