‘Social Media Professional’ Halloween Costume Goes Viral

Ha ha, this is hilarious.

The following image is being passed around Twitter and appears to have been mocked up by the good folks at Auckland’s Social Media NZ.* Among those chortling are Huffington Post senior editor Kari Friedlander, GigaOM’s Matthew Ingram and mediagazer.com curator Patricia Sauthoff.

Although the above costume is a gag, there are right now no doubt various folks with a “truly scary lack of certifiable skills” scheduling celebrity Hallow’s Eve endorsement tweets.

*Correction (6:00 p.m.):
It turns out Social Media NZ selectively grabbed the above from an October 28 CollegeHumor post, “7 Costumes to Really Scare Twenty-Somethings.” Our thanks to follower @DailyDanMilano for pointing out the, ahem, watermark on the top right-hand side of the image.

Update (October 31):
A rep for College Humor has confirmed that the smarm-tastic gentleman in the picture above is none other than the site’s very own social media manager, Dave Rosenberg. (All “models” for the original CH feature are staffers.) Well done Dave, although in light of this newfound fame, you might want to dust the cobwebs off this Twitter account.