Journalist’s Extra Job Duty: Running the Business

Ahh, the ever-shifting job of a journalist. First it was the addition of online video segments. Then add online content, social media and other extra responsibilities to the job. But now they’re expected to run the business side of things as well? Really?
That’s the experience of one former CBS and CNN anchor Kelly Wallace. After joining the women’s website iVillage as a “chief digital correspondent” she was asked to do more than sit in on editorial meetings. Wallace also serves as a correspondent for NBC’s internal advertising unit called Women at NBCU.

IVillage confirmed to the NYT that Wallace will have a presence during the business decision process. “She’s embedded with the business,” said iVillage executive president Jodi Kahn. “She’s at the table as we’re making decisions.”

When’s the accountant planning on jumping down to the editorial floor to write a piece about Mother’s Day? With the ever-evaporating lines between content building and the business side of media companies, it seems like the accountant might soon do just that.