Journalist Yasha Levine Released from Jail After OccupyLA Arrest

After posting a $5,000 bond and spending two nights in jail, eXiled editor and journalist Yasha Levine is finally free after being arrested while covering LAPD’s Occupy Los Angeles crackdown at City Hall. Levine says that prior to being booked, arrested protesters were stuck on an LA County Sheriff’s transport bus for upwards of seven hours–forced to use the bathroom in their seats if they had to go. Levine says his plastic cuffs were so tight, and were on for so long, that he still lacks sensation in one of his hands.

Writes Levine:

[D]on’t believe the PR bullshit. There was nothing peaceful or professional about the LAPD’s attack on Occupy LA–not unless you think that people peacefully protesting against the power of the financial oligarchy deserve to be treated the way I saw Russian cops treating the protesters in Moscow and St. Petersburg who were demonstrating against the oligarchy under Putin and Yeltsin, before we at The eXiled all got tossed out in 2008. Back then, everyone in the West protested and criticized the way the Russian cops brutally snuffed out dissent, myself included. Now I’m in America, at a demonstration, watching exactly the same brutal crackdown.

Levine says he’s still dazed and dehydrated after being denied food and water for the majority of his time in custody. He promises to write a lengthy piece on his experience in the coming days after he recovers.