Journalist Who Covered Apple Goes to Work for Apple

Chris Breen will (presumably) create some sort of content.

Apple Store

A recent PR Week op-ed by Access Communications employee (and former tech editor of USA Today) Nancy Blair held that the hack-to-flack transition is “much harder than it looks.”

This is probably true in terms of agency work…but what about going to work for the company you’re covered for more than 20 years?

Chris Breen wrote and edited MacUser and MacWorld for more than two decades, and yesterday he made this announcement on his personal blog:

“I’ve left Macworld to work for a Cupertino-based technology company you may be familiar with.”

He doesn’t elaborate on what he will be doing at Apple, but it will almost certainly involve the word “content.”

We must note that we are not familiar with much of Breen’s work, but it makes sense for Apple to hire someone who knows so much about its products.

This news also recalls our September 2014 interview with a party close to Apple’s international PR operations, who said:

“People within the PR department nominate individual journalists who are invited to press events and product briefings…Sometimes PR is asked to blacklist someone who wrote something negative.”

Breen was smart enough to be a member of the former group rather than the latter, and he has a very good sense of humor about the whole thing:

Of course we’re very interested to know what Apple has up its sleeve on the content front.