Journalist ‘Survivors’ Will Earn More

In the future, there will be fewer journalists. This is probably a guarantee (though of course it depends on your definition of journalist, because maybe if you have thousands of hyperlocal web sites staffed by one or two concerned citizens, they’re sort of like journalists though not as we know them today). But economist Lisa George says that the “survivors”—the practicing journalists who are still practicing journalism in the future will earn more money.

“Some of the best reporters and the most insightful commentary will come from fewer and fewer sources,” she told Len Witt, executive director of the Center for Sustainable Journalism. “But these reporters will have national reputations, and those reputations will be well-financed both from media itself and also from books and speaking engagements.”

Is this just another way of saying that only the well-off need apply to journalism? One could theoretically argue that side of it. We don’t think that’s what George is saying, but it’s something else to think about.

Check out the three-minute interview below, or click through to read the transcript.

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