Journalist Network Launches Site Covering Food, Wine

Trying to turn adversity into opportunity, a group of journalists has founded Zester Daily, a news site created to cover “all aspects of the culture of food and wine.”

Founded by former Los Angeles Times writer Corie Brown as “an online destination for food and wine enthusisasts,” Zester Daily is advertiser-supported and free.

Brown, who recruited colleagues from the decimated Times as well as cookbook authors, wine critics, health, environment and political writers, said in a prepared statement that Zester Daily uses an “innovative financial model.”

“Zester Daily upends the traditional publishing hierarchy by offering journalists the support of a dedicated team of editors, marketers and technical advisors, while allowing them to work independently,” Brown said. “This is not citizen journalism; rather it is a professional association where members are rewarded based on their reputations and their ability to find an audience for their work.”

Among the site’s contributors are:

Clifford Wright, author of 17 books (including Mediterranean Feast)

Mary Engel, former Times writer who was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize in 2005

Martha Rose Shulman, specialist in healthy cooking and author of more than 25 cookbooks

Phil Gallo, entertainment journalist and former editor with Variety

Here’s a screenshot of the site:

Zester Daily - The Culture of Food and Wine_1255468096940.png