25 Holiday Gifts for Journalists 2013

The gift-giving season is finally upon us (or already over, if we’re talking Hannukah, and we’re really sorry about taking so long), and that means it’s time for the annual 10,000 Words Holiday Gift Guide, our favorite holiday tradition. Whether you need a stocking stuffer for a journo friend or are compiling your own list for the secret Santa in your life, we’ve got you covered.

If you can’t find anything here, check out our guides of Christmas past: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008.  If you have a gift to add, share it in the comments or tweet us with your own #journogifts.

And herewith, our favorite things this year:

1. Bamboo Solar Charger | Photojojo | $35
Recording interviews, videos and sending them back to the newsroom via data network is sure to drain your smartphone’s battery power. Never fear – this solar charger will make sure you never run out of juice in the field again.



2. Photojournalists on War | University of Texas Press | $43.55

For those fascinated with the lens through which photojournalists see combat, Photojournalists on War: The Untold Stories From Iraq by New York Times photographer Michael Kamber features poignant visuals and beautiful war stories from several esteemed photogs from around the country.



3. Tuned-In Knit Hat Headphones | Neato Shop | $29.95

For when they won’t turn the heat up in the newsroom.





4. Dictionary Quote Slip-Ons | TOMS | $54

For men and women who love words — which is all of us, right? These “Dictionary Quote” Toms boast words like “ineffable” and “benevolent,” making a fashionable statement while also showing off your smarty-pants-ness in the newsroom.




5.  The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism | Amazon | $9.99 – $24.99

For those who yearn for the golden age of print under the venerable muckrakers of McClure’s Magazine. Don’t feel bad about reading the Kindle version.




6. Wordie Wars | MentalFloss Store | $24.99 

For the most diehard wordsmiths, ‘Wordie Wars’ claims to be a game to “stump even the brainiest of word nerds.” Challenge accepted!





7. ‘Liberal Media’ T-Shirt | Cafepress | $27.99

For the Rachel Maddow wannabe.





8. Pantone Christmas Ornament | Amazon | $15

Deck the halls with every Pantone color! The manufacturer also makes coffee mugs, too.





9. The New York Times Complete Front Pages (1851-2012) | Barnes & Noble | $17.98

For your favorite history buff, all of the front pages, bound together. Which gets us thinking: Shouldn’t we just digitally archive these?





10. ‘My Mommy is a Journalist’ Onesie | Cafepress | $ 16

With this onesie, a new mom really can have it all.





11. ‘I Shoot People’ T-Shirt | Amazon | $13.99

For the photographer with a sense of humor.





12. Typewriter Flask | Etsy | $18.50 

May we suggest filling it with some Scotchy Scotch Scotch?






13. ARKWHALE Weatherproof Bags | Fab | $13

When sent out to report on bad weather, these disposable bags allow use of the touchscreen and keep the phone dry.





14. Story War Party Game | Amazon | $25

Help them hone their craft for telling stories — although in this game, they get to make stuff up.





15. Fear and Loathing in America: The Brutal Odyssey of an Outlaw Journalist | Amazon | $11.77