Journalism Job Titles Of The Future

The Center for Sustainable Journalism agrees that print is on the way out and digital is the future.

As the newsroom evolves, so do the jobs within it. Thanks to technology, we’ve already killed off the “rewrite man” and “copy boy” in favor of platform-agnostic content creators and producers.

According to the Center for Sustainable Journalism, eleven titles you might start seeing are:

  • Headline Optimizer
  • Social Media Reporter
  • Story Scientist
  • Data Detective
  • Curator in Chief
  • Explanatory Journalist
  • Viral Meme Checker / Viral Video Maker–this refers to someone whose job it is to make a newsroom’s content go viral, apparently–not someone who is reporting on memes. Steve Krakauer’s a producer at Piers Morgan Tonight who’s responsible for picking out a “highlight reel” of the show’s most linkable bits.
  • Slideshow specialist
  • Networker / Engager (aka community manager)
  • E-book creator
  • Web developer

What do all these things have in common? They’re only tangentially related to reporting. While we don’t believe reporting is going away entirely, the journalist of the future will also need to be versed in finding stories in new ways–through data mining, crowdsourcing, or following social media channels. The journalist of the future will need to know how to package content in multiple ways (in slideshows, ebooks, social media, or on the Web), and s/he will need to be comfortable with analytics, algorithms, and, like…math.

New York magazine also looked at a number of these titles. In truth, the “slideshow specialist” is actually titled “photo editor” (for now) and the “viral video maker”‘s official title is “digital producer.” But even if these titles haven’t made it into the lexicon yet, the job responsibilities definitely have.