Journalism is Dead: Long Live Journalism

googleasagiant-robot.jpgWe imagine in a hundred years it’s going to be hard for future media generations to understand the panic and end-of-worldness that is currently accompanying the transition between old media and new. Talk about glass half empty! And yet, the sky is falling chorus has been a loud one these last five years (with Google galloping in on all four horses, we suppose).

Over at AdAge Simon Dumenco would like to call a halt to all the “Chicken Little” story lines. He’s proposing a “moratorium” on all this obsessing over the “lost golden age of easy media profits” and would like for everyone to focus on “inventing the future.” He’s even willing to go first! And is promising to cease writing about the end of media, the end of newspapers (reading Romenesko is like “reading the obits”), even the end of rock stars (hmm, we missed that meme), basically the end of journalism altogether. We will be making no such promises. Far from an apocalyptic wasteland, we actually think life here on the internets is pretty grand.