And the Happiest People in Journalism Are…

The past month hasn’t heralded good news for the jobs market. The Department of Labor’s latest report says that unemployment was “essentially unchanged over the month,” and the doom-and-gloom has continued for the media industry with layoffs and seemingly fewer and fewer job prospects.

Despite some of the dismal facts, there are many who are optimistic about journalism, and they come from a key demographic: young people.

The evidence is in this high school freshman’s accomplishments and this senior’s enthusiasm for writing. Recently, Forbes blogger Susannah Breslin invited a young female journalist to guest post on her blog. She ended up picking Lauren Rae Orsini, whose “How to be a Journalist in 2011” offered optimism, independence and volition.

And guess what? Orsini’s sunny outlook resulted in a job offer.

Let’s face it: Most people who decide to go into our business aren’t doing it for a fat paycheck. So, if your career is at an impasse or you’re not advancing as you’d like to, network with others in the field, re-tool that resume, or just brush up on your new media skills.

Happy journalists know that the industry isn’t dead — it’s just changing.

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