Journalism Grads: 30 Things You Should Do This Summer

You could spend this summer working on your killer tan… or you could use the downtime to get heads up on the thousands of other grads competing for journalism jobs. Use this checklist to improve your journalism skills and set yourself apart from the pack:

1. Start a blog and post at least twice a week

2. If you already have a blog, write a post that gets retweeted 20 times

3. Shoot 100 amazing photos and post them on Flickr

4. Friend at least 50 journalists on Twitter who in turn follow you back

5. Become a part of a crowdsourcing project (start here)

6. Improve at least 5 Wikipedia entries

7. Create an audio slideshow using Soundslides

8. Shoot and edit a 3-minute video and post it to YouTube

9. Design a website from scratch using HTML and CSS

10. Create and maintain a Delicious account with at least 50 links that you find interesting

11. Create an online portfolio

12. Learn at least one other form of blogging (e.g. photoblogging, videoblogging, liveblogging)

13. Crop, resize, and color correct 50 photos using photo editing software

14. Start your own podcast

15. Create a profile on LinkedIn

16. Learn another computer language besides HTML (e.g. XML, PHP, MySQL)

17. Create an avatar and use it on all your social networking profiles

18. Learn how to create a basic slideshow in Flash

19. Subscribe to at least 25 non-journalism blogs using an RSS reader

20. Record, edit and embed a 3-minute piece of audio.

21. Interview 10 people using a handheld audio recorder

22. Interview 10 people using a video camera

23. Create a map mashup using a CSV file

24. Set your social network profiles to private or remove any incriminating evidence

25. Create a multimedia project that incorporates, video, audio, and text

26. Create a Flash project that uses ActionScript 3.0

27. Write a blog post that is Dugg at least 20 times

28. Join Wired Journalists

29. Attend a multimedia training workshop or take an online course

30. Remind yourself why you want to be a journalist

UPDATE: Check out the follow-up post Why having technical skills alone just won’t cut it

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