Mediocre Coldplay Album Pays Dividends for Student Reviewer

A bunch of awards were handed out in Burbank over the weekend at the 2012 state convention of the Journalism Association of Community Colleges (JACC). One publication that did very well was Diablo Valley College’s student newspaper The Inquirer.

In addition to winning a “General Excellence” prize for print, the Pleasant Hill gang received more than a half-dozen other awards, including a “Critical Review” nod for writer John Kesler. From The Inquirer:

“I’m extremely happy,” said Kesler, a winner for his review of Coldplay’s “Mylo Xyloto.” “I found out about it talking to my teacher on facebook. As soon as she told me, I made sure to post it on mine as a status. It’s good that something great came out of a mediocre album.”

This is the third consecutive semester (Fall 2011) that The Inquirer has been cited for print excellence. Kesler’s October 30 article, “Coldplay Confuses with Ambiguous Lyrics,” can be read here.