Journal-Register CEO John Paton: We Want Fewer Suits, More Gumshoes

A newspaper company is hiring.

Less than two months into his tenure as chief executive of newspaper publisher The Journal Register Company, John Paton announced on his blog yesterday that he wants to trim down the company’s “corporate oversight structure” and, astonishingly, “add new editorial and sales positions.”

Swift and dramatic moves have quickly become a hallmark of Paton’s stewardship. Since taking over, he’s trumpeted the Journal-Register’s transformation from newspaper publisher to multimedia company. He’s doled out HD video cameras to nearly all of the Journal-Register’s reporters, ramped up training and created a new-media advisory board. In Sunday’s post, Paton also said that he’s into organizational transparency, and he thinks he’s improved it.

It’s understandable when I receive emails from some employees stating they don’t believe our Company will change. I’m glad we have at least changed the corporate culture enough so that they feel they can send such an email. To the folks who remain to be convinced, I can only say review what we have said and done to date. And keep an eye on what we do going forward. I hope our actions convince you we are determined to change this Company for the better.

The Journal Register publishes 19 daily newspapers and reaches readers in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.