Joshua Topolsky Out at Bloomberg [Updated]

We imagine he won't be out of a job for long.

Here’s something no one expected: Bloomberg digital editor Joshua Topolsky has been fired. According to Politico, head honcho Michael Bloomberg clashed with Topolsky over the revamped, and that led to the end of Topolsky’s tenure.

Despite this, sources told Politico that the departure is “amicable.

Topolsky had been with Bloomberg since last year. The company isn’t expected to announce the seperation until next week, but now that the news is out we doubt it takes that long.

We’ll update as more details become available.

Update (11:53 am):
A statement from Topolsky has arrived. “It’s bittersweet to admit, but my appetite for change is even larger than I expected it to be when I arrived at the company,” Topolsky said. “After many discussions with Justin and John, it was clear that whatever I did next, I needed to do on my own. With nothing but love and admiration for the people I’ve had a chance to work with and to know, I know that time is right now.”