Joseph Corre Snubs Tony Blair, Declines Medal for Design Work


Apparently we Americans aren’t the only ones who boycott receiving awards for their design work. Lingerie tycoon and fashion designer, Joseph Corre, intended recipient of an MBE, a member of the British order, at the same time as architect Peter Cook was being knighted, stated in a short letter that he was refusing to accept for political reasons, largely due to Tony Blair‘s involvement in the ceremony. Here’s a little of the whole letter:

To accept this MBE as an honour would mean to me that I would have to accept the prime minister as someone capable of giving an honour — ie, an honourable man, which I cannot find it in my heart to do.

This in no way reflects on my opinion of the Queen, whom I respect and would be honoured to have as a customer. In fact I think she would agree with me.