Jose Canseco Tests Privacy Limits; Tweets Alleged Rape Victim’s Name And Photo

There are few rules one must follow to stay in Twitter’s good graces and they mostly revolve around spam (don’t do it). Beyond that, anything goes really. You can tweet whatever you want – it’s a freedom of speech wasteland – just DON’T share someone’s personal information without their permission.

Unless you’re Jose Canseco, that is. He can share the name and photo of his alleged rape victim with impunity.

If you’re not a follower of Jose Canseco on Twitter, you may not know he’s crazy. But he is. He tweets nonsense pretty consistently, when he’s not trying to pick fights – and now he’s hellbent on exposing a woman (who is allegedly accusing him of rape) as a liar. And he apparently feels the best defense is an off-the-wall legal nightmare of an offense, and is tweeting her name and photo:

According to Buzzfeed, he also shared her phone number (and deleted it). And he IS being looked at as a “person of interest” in an alleged sexual assault, though charges have yet to be filed:

But let’s talk about Twitter now. Why in the name of all that is wrong in the world has this man’s account NOT been suspended? Twitter’s rules around sharing someone’s private info are clear:

And if sharing one’s alleged rape victim’s name, photo, and (according to Atlantic Wire) also her work address and phone number ISN’T crossing that line – what is? Why have a line if you’re not enforcing it for everyone?

(Image from Shutterstock)

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