Joost Blew it the First Time, Now Trying Again

Silicon Alley Insider’s Michael Learmonth writes that back in 2006, media companies were trying to figure out how to distribute their video online without giving away the store. “But that was then. Now TV networks are happy to distribute their content, via conventional Web sites, as widely as possible. And that makes Joost, which requires an unwieldy download before users can play a single second of video, looks like a clumsy solution for a non-existent problem.”

Now the company is back with a revamp, via a Web-based player (you know, just like that other video site).

Joost CEO Mike Volpi said in the SAI interview that they introduced what they thought was the 2006 vision of the best product out there. “The product came to market and I think we learned a lot of things from it. We’re the first to say it didn’t exactly hit the sweet spot. We have a great brand and great content that we still have access to today. But we had a product that wasn’t quite right.”