JooJoo Tablet vs. The Apple Reality Distortion Field: Is There Even a Contest?

Right after Apple announced the iPad, I asked:

Can the JooJoo (was CrunchPad) Compete with a $499 Price Tag? (Feb. 2)

VentureBeat reported JooJoo’s claim of February availability. Here we are nearing the end of March and Engadget reports:

JooJoo tablet now shipping, should greet US consumers on March 29th

My question still stands. Even normal circumstances, the iPad versus JooJoo battle would be a tricky one. The JooJoo is heavier by nearly a pound, too big (I think the iPad is too big too) and too little flash storage (4GB vs. the iPad’s 16GB on the smallest model), and no known third party apps to speak of. It does have a front facing camera for video, supports Adobe Flash (a minus for me 🙂 and an HD resoution display.

The iPad launches with a giant app story to tell and a some very interesting peripherals. Is there a market for the JooJoo?

JooJoo Tech Specs

iPad Specs

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