Jonathan Ive Gets Shortlisted for ‘Great Britons’ Award


What does Apple‘s wunderkind Jonathan Ive have in common with actor Stephen Fry and the Royal Shakespeare Company‘s artistic director, along with sixteen other people from any number of different professions. We’re guessing very little outside of all being shortlisted for the Morgan Stanley Great Britons Award. Ive was picked alongside Fry and Michael Boyd (the aforementioned artistic director) for their achievements in the “Creative Industries” side of the competition, picking the best British people around these days. But personally, as much as we like Ive and his Apple work, can anyone really go up against Stephen Fry and expect to win? Ive could build a flying motorcycle that shoots out anti-aging serum and free wads of money and we still don’t think he’d hold a candle to one of the men responsible for A Bit of Fry and Laurie.