Jonathan Gold Talks About Helping Yelp

Earlier this year, we wrote about food critic Jonathan Gold making sly reference to restaurant review game-changer Though he did not name the service outright, it seemed pretty clear who he was referring to in a chat with Poynter.

This week, at USC’s Journalism Director’s Forum, Gold made more pointed remarks, mentioning Yelp by name. As Jessica Zech blogs on Inside Annenberg, the Pulitzer Prize winning food critic sees his role as having shifted because of Yelp:

“The role of the individual critic is I’m not sure becoming less, I’m not sure becoming more, but it’s becoming different,” Gold said. “Instead of being the person whose opinion mattered, what you’re sort of doing is leading the herd. It’s being more of a shepherd than being an arbiter of taste.”

Gold also noted that blogs, the Web and social media have brought about a rapprochement with the “10,000 people who think they can do your job.” Just 10,000? Consider yourself lucky, Mr. Gold.