Jonathan Gold: The Spreadsheet

For those of you out there overwhelmed by Jonathan Gold’s most recent list of 99 Essential Restaurants, and its cumbersome presentation on the LA Weekly’s website, The Butcher Blog has created a tool to make Mr. Gold’s guide more accessible–a spreadsheet to be exact.

The Butcher Blog explains its endeavor:

Each year Gold’s list of the the 99 Essential Restaurants in LA is an event. And we are not here to quibble with his choices or his methods (only a fool would do that), but we are here to quibble with the presentation online: 24 awkward and and impenetrable pages of straight prose rife with formatting mistakes — so that at times one entry runs right into the next — and navigable only by clicking through the alphabetical list numerically.

We thought Gold deserved better, so we created a sortable list of all the restaurants for you to more easily see them all in one place in what ever order you like…You’ll find all of the restaurants on one Google Docs spreadsheet, currently in alphabetical order by name with location, a short excerpt from Gold’s list, restaurant type, contact information, a link to the full LA Weekly review, and important notes such as hours and whether or not that particular place serves alcohol. You may notice that there are only 98 restaurants on our list. This isn’t because we are saving a place for Scott Conant’s Scarpetta (though maybe Gold is). We are not sure if the error was ours or LA Weekly’s, but if you want to tell us email us or send a message to @thebutcherblog on Twitter.

Paired with Miss Fruitfly’s Google map of Mr. Gold’s picks and you’ve got yourself a far easier way to eat your way around LA.

H/T LAist