Jonathan Gold and Laurie Ochoa on Life in Pasadena

The February issue of Pasadena magazine features an article by the media power-couple on their love affair with Pasadena. The mag isn’t available online, so here’s a wee excerpt:

Jonathan Gold: The thing that always fascinated me about Pasadena was what a different place it was, even though it was only 10 minutes on the freeway from downtown. People at parties talked about cell biology and poetry and art instead of the environment and movie grosses, and the morning after the Mars Rover landed, when the project designer walked into a coffee shop the patrons broke out in spontaneous applause.

A biographical note at the end of the piece mentions that Laurie Ochoa is currently “co-editor of Slake, a new quarterly quarterly journal about Los Angeles.” We’ll dig up more details and post them here soon.