Jonathan Glacey Defends Zaha Hadid After Olympic Budget Outcry


The Guardian‘s Jonathan Glacey is sticking up for Zaha Hadid after the press has begun to attack her for going way over budget in building the Aquatic Center in London for the 2012 Olympics. His reasoning is that, when things start going over budget, it rarely has anything to do with the architect or the firms themselves. Instead, it’s the result of having to deal with endless bureaucracy and endless changes the planners and governments decide to make midway through a project, and later, those responsible will be the first one pointing fingers back at the designers saying, “It was all them, we swear it!” Which, of course, anyone who has ever worked with 90% of clients out there in any sort of creative capacity will relate to immediately. What designer hasn’t banged their heads against their desk after receiving yet another inane change? Or received that call from a higher up saying, “I just got your invoice. Why is this costing so much?!” Here’s to hoping Hadid comes through in the end relatively unscathed.